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Car locks troubleshooting

04/13/2014 Back To Blog

Cars are expensive and require a good deal of care. The incidents of car theft have increased significantly in the past few years. If you have lost your car key and need help, an auto locksmith, such as our service in Aliso Viejo, is the best to ask for help. Most of the people do not keep a spare key and the situation can get worse if you lost your keys. It is generally expensive to get new car keys through an authorized car dealer. You can also have to deal with a frozen or a rusted lock. Hence, in order to avoid being taken by surprise, you must find out how to handle this serious problem.Car locks troubleshooting

Our Professional Auto Lockout Assistance Will Get You Back on the Road

1. Rusted locks

This happens especially in the event of a car that has been sitting for months in wet weather. It is well-known that a lock does not last forever. Hence, it can be affected by temperature fluctuations. Supposing that you will have to deal with a rusted lock, you can fix it by yourself or ask for help.

2. Frozen locks

This problem is caused by extremely low temperatures. Thus, you lock will be prevented from opening properly by a layer of ice. In that event, you should try to remove the barrier. You can opt for a wide variety of de-icing products. However, you should be careful and try not to damage the lock.

3. The ignition car key is not working at all

Supposing that your ignition car key stops working, you will have to deal with a more complex problem.

4. Broken key

This happens frequently. People must take into account the fact that a car key is not resistant to their excessive pressure. At this point, you have no choice except to have your car lock replacement done.

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