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What should I do to avoid being locked out of my car?

This is remedied by having a duplicate key on your person at all times. You might want to keep the duplicate key in your wallet just in case. However, if you accidentally lose your original set of keys, make sure to look for them first before using your backup.

What kind of locking combination is best for the front door?

The front door is the most important in your home security system, but it is also the reason people are locked out to begin with. Locksmith Aliso Viejo experts advise that you put as many locks as you deem necessary while keeping in mind that you need separate keys for them.

What is a good way of preserving a locking mechanism?

The use of oil is one of the best ways to keep your locking mechanism working one hundred percent. The reason why many locking mechanisms wear out in the first place is due to the friction caused when a key is being used. In order to reduce the friction, simply lubricate the lock and everything should go smoothly.

Can you cut keys from a number?

In many cases, a locksmith can cut keys for a particular lock based on the code for that particular lock. Cutting keys using the code is a common practice when keys have been mislaid. Locks on vehicles and filing cabinets, as well as padlocks can usually be re-keyed based on the code to the lock.

How much do good locks cost?

In choosing the best lock for your home or office, the most expensive may not always be the perfect choice. Our technicians are experts on which locks work the best in every given situation, and we will be glad to assist you in making the right decision at an affordable price.

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